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Roofs are something you can’t ignore. They make up an essential part of overall structural stability of your house. Having a good quality roof will help to control energy consumption, and insulation.

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It goes through a lot from the sun, rain and changing temperature. Roof is also the first thing to get affected during bad weather. If your roof has never been repaired or replaced before and you have a fairly old house, we recommend you get your roof inspected today. Some roof issues never show up from far. When a professional checks it closely, the actual strength and quality of the existing roof could be examined. Most roofs show any sign of damage until you notice damp and mold on your ceiling, by the time it’s too late and you need complete roof replacement to resume your roof.
Roof Replacement

Maple Grove Roofing Pros will replace all kinds of roof at an affordable price. If you have shing;e roof, tile roof or metal roof, we use quality replacement material to replace your roofs. Our company has the necessary equipment and knowledge to replace your roof with a durable and better roof that will last you a lifetime. We will discuss the price and the type of replacement product we will use to replace your roof.

If you are not sure whether you should call for a roofing company for roof replacement, here are some signs to look for-
If you notice flashing ripped off, missing shingles, broken tiles, damp on the ceiling or mold, it’s time for roof replacement. Roofs that are completely damaged during storms from fallen trees, when a storm takes away parts of roofing, it is best to call for proper inspection and subsequent replacement of the damaged parts.

In our overall roof replacement, we will turn the whole roof, replace all the tikes, replace metal shingles, replace shingles or the flashing below. We also replace components such as fascia boards and gutters with better material that stays durable for a long time.

Maple Grove works with some of the best roofers who do the job quickly and efficiently. You can be assured you are getting the best quality roofing material and service from us.

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We are affordable and reliable roofers at Maple Grove. Our inspection team will help you determine the best course of action for your roofs. We believe in customer satisfaction and work towards making each of our clients happy. Give us a call today for a free estimate of the services.


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