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If you need immediate roof repair, Maple Grove Roofing Pros can help. We are one of the best known roofing companies in Maple Grove.

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Our customers come to us for most of their roofing needs. We repair roofs in a way that they are highly sturdy and last a long time. When you need a quick and effective roofing solution Maple Grover Roofing Pros can help. Give us a call today.

Roof Replacement

Common Roofing Issues We Solve Are

Fascia Boards

Fascia boards are essential for gutters and protecting your roof from drippage and water damage. They act as a barrier between the ledge of the roof and the inside. When you damage fascia boards the water may seep into the roof structure and damage it from inside. Prolonged water seeping inside the fascia boards will cause your roof to rot from inside and get damaged. If you notice any kind of damage to the fascia board, repair it as soon as possible. We will replace or repair your rotting, moldy or wrapped fascia boards.


Flashings are protective covering over the roof before the roof is installed. This flashing prevents water from running into roof elements such as the chimney, skylight, vents , etc. If the flashing is coming off, loose or damaged, it should be repaired. We at Maple Grove Roofing Pros will fix the flashing as soon as possible so you don’t face moisture damage on the structure of the roof.

Shingle/Tile/Metal Roof Replacement

Bad weather and natural wear and tear damages the roof material. If the shingles, tiles or metal panels in a roof are damaged, or loose, we will fix the issue. Our team will go to your roof with proper harness and safety equipment. We will inspect the issue and fix the issue to make your roof new again.


Gutters are essential for safe drainage of water away from your property. If your roof does not have gutters or damaged gutters your might the roof getting damaged, start to grow mold and discolour. No one wants dirty looking roofs, having working gutters will keep your roof walls attached to the roof safe from water damage. We will fix all your gutter issues and make them work the way they should.

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No matter the type of roof repair you need, we will help you with it. Maple Grove Roofing Pros believes in giving the ultimate repair service so you need any roof repair for years. Give us a call to get free estimates.


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