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Have you noticed mold and a damp ceiling in your house? It may be due to leaking roofs. If the roof material is old, damaged, or cracked water might seep inside the roof and onto the ceiling.

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There are various reasons why a roof may leak and we solve all of them. When you need a complete roof repair solution, we will help you with it. We use various techniques, from patching up leaks to applying water resistant coating and repairing the roof, we do it all.

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Here Are Some Causes Of Leaks In Your Roof

Damaged Shingles

When you have loose, curled, and missing shingles, the water finds its way inside the roof. Shingles are essential to keep the roof dry, bad weather and external elements can damage the shingle. Damaged shingles are ineffective in saving your roof from water damage and leaks. To prevent the water from damaging your roof, replace the shingle as soon as possible.

Damaged Flashing

Flashing is what prevents the water from getting inside the roof from the seams. Flashing is installed around vents, skylights and chimneys. If your flashing is somehow loosened, water may get inside and cause damp spots in the ceiling.

Dry And Cracked Roof Surface

When the roof has cracked surface from weathering, water easily gets inside the roof. It is best to apply a water resistant layer on such a roof to prevent it from leaking.

Holes In The Roof

Holes on the roof is another thing that can happen. Physical impact from hailstorms, trees and pests can cause holes in the roof that would need immediate repair to solve the leaks.

Blocked Or Broken Gutters

Gutters are what drains the water from your roof. If the gutters are not working, leaking is more likely to happen. Our professionals will repair your broken gutters or clear it if it’s blocked.

How We Will Solve The Leaks

Repair – Appropriate Repair such as shingle replacement, gutter repair, flashing repair, will prevent the leaks from happening and solve the existing leaks as well.

Apply a Water Resistant Layer – We will coat the roof with a water resistant layer, it will seal every hole, crack or space where the water seeps inside the roof.

Repair The Holes – We will repair the holes, fix them and remove any hole, crack or loose flashing that may let water in the roof.

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