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Gutters are essential to keep the roof from water damage. Water can be damaging to your roof. It will cause rotting, mold development and weaken the roof.

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If you want to prevent water damage on your roof make sure to have working gutters. Gutters that are loose, damaged, broken during bad weather or blocked won’t be as essential in water drainage. Maple Grove Roofing Pros repair your gutters so they work they are supposed to.

Roof Replacement

Gutter Replacement

If you have old gutters that need replacement, we will provide it to you. We install aluminium high quality gutters that last a long time and are lightweight. Lightweight gutters do not put as much weight on the roof and stay put even in downpour. PVC gutters are also an option if you want to go for something cheaper but as effective. We will carefully remove the damaged gutters without damaging your roof then put the new gutters so it works the best.

Gutter Repair

Gutters that are broken, have holes or have come loose from the fascia board would need proper repair. Our team will get to the gutter and fix it to the roof property. We make sure the gutters are functioning the way they are supposed to and removing water from your roof. We will check the surrounding of the gutter to see if there are leaks pof places where water is escaping into the roof. If not, it will simply repair the gutter where it is needed to be repaired.

Gutter Maintenance

Gutters are one part of the roof that gets the most dirty. Leaves, plant twigs, and debris tend to get deposited in the gutter. If the debri is enough in volume to block the gutter, it would overflow and cause leaking. It may also break off from water weight during rain. It is best to get your gutters regularly cleaned by professionals, especially before the start of the rainy season.

Gutter Installation

If your roof needs a new gutter installation, we will provide the best quality material for the service. We will install durable and affordable gutters that last a long time. You get warranty with our installation both for service and product. We install gutters for all kinds of roof from shingle, metal, tile to flat roof. Give us a call to know a free estimate for the services.

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